The music can be melancholy, deep, high-energy, sarcastic, and seem to originate from an altered state of consciousness. If there is a philosophy behind the sound, it is that the music should take many turns as did the music of Led Zepplin or The Beatles. The members of CF all have years-worth of experience playing, writing, recording and performing. One would think the tendency for such a group would be to use that experience and develop a "formula"...but that is not the case here. Part of what drives the band is choosing to let things happen organically rather than settling for the "flavor-of-the-month" sound. In an industry that is littered with songwriting clinics and music industry "how to" books, it is seemingly too easy to fall into the trap of choosing a sound. Simply put, Cruelty Free is a band that is constantly evolving outside of its boundaries of guitar-driven, alt pop.